Retro Striped, Fitted Sheet in Heavyweight, Rustic Linen


Rustic-inspired and heavyweight natural linen fitted sheet- our signature, Rustic bedding handmade to order in Australia .Retro Striped fitted sheet promises an unforgettable experience for truly devoted, real rustic linen lovers! You won't find anything like this on the market. Rustic linen sheets are made of 3 fabric panels- one wide middle panel and 2 side panels, with 2 seams laying near the edges of the mattress promises a more authentic, retro-vintage aesthetic and feel. Heavyweight linen bedding is made to last as it much sturdier and thicker compared to any conventional bedding. The bedding is laundered after sewing to make it softly wrinkled and it will only get softer and softer with every wash. The weight of our heavy linen fabric is 260 g/m2!

Retro Striped linen features bold black and white ticking pattern on a natural (undyed) background. This particular linen is woven in a "twill" technique which makes the fabric texture softer and smoother than our regular rustic linens. If you are after a complete set in Retro Striped linen, please let us know and we will make it for you.

Easy care instructions: machine wash normal cycle, tumble drying to maintain softness. No ironing required.



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