Blueberry Milk (Violet), Rustic, Heavyweight Linen Fitted Sheet


Indulge in the exquisite comfort and sustainable luxury of our Blueberry Milk Rustic Linen Fitted Sheet, a cornerstone of our "slow bedding" philosophy. Crafted from heavyweight 260gsm European linen, this fitted sheet in a milky violet shade evokes the creamy richness of a blueberry milkshake, elevating your bedroom to a sanctuary of calm and style.

Our "slow bedding" ethos is woven into every thread—each sheet is meticulously handcrafted in Melbourne from the finest European linen. We embrace a natural, chemical-free approach, ensuring your bedding is not only supremely soft but also environmentally responsible.

The heavyweight linen offers durability and comfort, promising a cozy night's sleep and a timeless aesthetic that only improves with time. Designed with deep pockets to fit even the tallest mattresses, our fitted sheets feature a signature 3 panel construction.

Certified by Oeko-Tex and Masters of Linen, our bedding meets stringent ecological standards, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and your well-being. With an average lifespan of 5 to 8 years, our Rustic heavyweight linen bedding outlasts lighter alternatives, making it a wise investment for your home and the planet.

Pair it effortlessly with our matching Blueberry Milk flat sheet, duvet cover, and pillowcases to complete your bedroom oasis. Care is simple—machine wash in warm water, tumble dry on low, and skip the ironing to maintain its vintage charm.

Embrace the slow living movement with our Blueberry Milk Rustic Linen Fitted Sheet—where luxury meets sustainability, ensuring comfort that lasts.


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