Provincial Living, Antique white linen duvet cover with lace

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Mount Martha Artists & Artisans


PROVINCIAL LIVING natural, stonewashed linen quilt/duvet cover with pure linen lace, Antique white colour


  • Made of pre-washed and softened 100% pure genuine European linen fabric.
  • Decorated with hemstitched details and exquisite natural linen lace.
  • Closure with shell buttons at the back of the duvet.

This linen bedding has been pre-washed, no more shrinking occurs after washing. Natural linen lace will shrink and soften after the wash a little which will add more charm to vintage appearance.

"Provincial Living" linen bedding is made of medium weight softened, pre-washed 100% natural European linen fabric, which feels "buttery" soft to your skin.

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