Antique White Linen Pillowcase with Lace


Wake up every morning in your softest French provincial inspired, pure linen sheets feeling like you're surrounded by the indulgent aromas of lavender and rosemary. Transform your bedroom into pa lace where one can escape the daily grind, and relax into natural, crisp sheets. Made from softened and pre-washed linen fabric, these pillowcases have been decorated with exquisite, natural, linen lace around the perimeter featuring an envelope closure at the back. Lovingly designed and handcrafted in Australia to grace the finest of homes.

All of our bedlinen has been pre-washed so no further shrinking will occur after washing.

Provincial Living pillowcases are available in 3 sizes:

  • Standard size 50x75cm (20"x30")
  • King size 50x90cm (20"x36")
  • Euro size 65x65cm (s6"s26")

Please note, the knitting pattern of the linen lace can vary from the shown in picture. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding the pattern of the lace and we will send you a picture of the lace we would be using for your bedding.


Care instructions: Machine wash on delicate cycle with temperatures bellow 30C (86F). May be tumble dried on a low heat, but do not overdry! Ideally tumble drying should be alternated with line drying to prevent premature wear and tear. No ironing required. If you want to keep the lace neat and straight, set iron to the highest temperature. No dry cleaning recommended. Strictly, no bleaching!


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