Waffle linen blanket, Blueberry Milk.Extra Heavy natural linen


New Blueberry Milk oversized Super Heavy weight waffle linen Throw Blanket/ Quilt cover /Bed Cover/ Coverlet / Comforter. Stonewashed natural linen.

Enchanting Blueberry Milk (icy violet) natural waffle blanket. Elegant oversized natural linen blanked is super comfortable and even more practical bedding piece, which will guarantee the cosiest sleep all year round. Due to the weight, the blanket serves as a calming weighted quilt, which works as a sleep aid promoting and creating deeper, calmer sleep patterns.

World's Premier Textiles trade show Première Vision Paris recently chose waffle textured linen as one of the most trending fabric for home textiles industry which remains in a lead for a few years now.

Due to a large amount of flax yarn used in weaving of our waffle linen fabric it makes this particular blanket quite expensive. Although, with all honesty- it's so worth every single penny! There are a lot of "look-a-likes" available on the market, but our original waffle blankets are one of a kind- made of 100% pure, highest quality natural linen. Super large, heavy and super loveable!

Airy waffle textured linen blanket can be used as a comforter or throw blanket for cooler nights, unique bed cover, bed throw - trendy and fashionable home styling accessory.

Blueberry Milk (milky violet/ purple) shade dyed super heavy waffle linen blanket will easily match any other colours from our bedding collection.

Matching Euro size Blueberry Milk waffle linen pillowcases are also available.


✔︎ Extra large size 299x300cm / 120" x118" suitable for California King, Super King, Standard King and Queen beds.
✔︎ Super heavy linen weight 650gsm, which makes total blanket weight over 5kgs (over 11 lbs)!

Waffle linen has been prewashed and preshrunk. Waffle linen is truly luxurious, deliciously soft and super comfortable!

Will last eternity. Real family heirloom piece will be passed from generation to generation.


Care instructions: normal machine wash, warm, not hot temperatures, can be tumble dried on low heat, no ironing required. No dry cleaning and strictly- no bleaching!


Waffle linen blankets are also available in other colours:


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