Ivory Heavy weight Rustic linen fitted sheet




Ivory linen sheet is made of heavy weight rustic linen fabric. It is truly an unforgettable experience for devoted real rustic linen lovers! You probably won't find anything similar on the market as commercial sheets will not suit those looking for soft bedding, hence they will never be made by large manufacturers. 

Rustic Rough linen sheets are made of joining fabric panels into one large piece, hence, there are 2 seams running lengthways very close to the edges of the mattress, this will allow for a seamless sleeping area. Our fitted sheets are made generously deep (50cm/22") to fit even the highest of mattresses. The weight of our Rustic heavy linen fabric measures 260 g/m2.

Rustic sheets are extremely hardwearing and will last significantly longer than any medium weight linen alternatives due to it’d thick, but soft fibers that will only get softer to touch with every wash.
If you have never used linen bedding before, please take into consideration that unlike finely woven linen sheets, they have got real character - uneven, nubby linen textures, with little imperfections in weaving and even a few straws woven in- what a beauty! It promises a real rustic experience! 
If you are unsure about this sheet or would like to see a sample first, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Care instructions: machine wash normal cycle; tumble drying to maintain softness; no ironing required.


Customer review who inspired us to create our unique Rustic Rough Linen bedding:
"I bought the Ivory Rustic Rough linen sheet – HOBL’s latest creation. So happy I did! The quality of this stonewashed linen sheet is incredible. Cosy, incredibly soft homespun that’s made to last. Seriously pure Vintage indulgence. Connoisseurs of real flax linen will love this." 


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