Duck Egg Blue, Rustic, Heavyweight Linen Fitted Sheet


Our Rustic linen sheets are highly popular amongst high quality linen lovers. We have gotten many requests to make Rustic, heavyweight linen sheets in all of our Rustic linen colours. House of Baltic Linen specializes in heavyweight linen bedding; there isn't anything like these on the market due to extremely intense workload and skills required to make such pieces. Unlike any other linen bedding, which is offered by many companies around the world, Rustic style, heavyweight linen bedding is currently being made only by us in very small quantities.

All of our Rustic linen sheets are made with 2 seams laying lengthways, very close to the edges of the mattress, so that sleeping area is the least disturbed. Such design element is added purposefully in order to achieve large Queen or King sizes as Rustic linen fabric has quite limited width and it would not be possible to make wide sheets without additional seams.

Heavy linen sheets are surely made to last due to the thickness and sturdiness of the fabric. Stonewashed and after sewing makes the linen instantly soft. The sheet is made with an elastic band all around the perimeter, making sure it tightly hugs the mattress. This retro vintage bedroom inspired Duck Egg Blue is a mixture of blue and green pastel shades, perfect for your cottacore dream home!

Once again, if you have never used linen bedding before- our sheets, unlike any other smooth linen sheets available on the market today have got real character- uneven and nubby in texture. It is a real rustic experience! 

Matching Duck Egg Blue linen bedspreads and pillowcases are also available to order.


Easy care instructions: machine wash normal cycle below 40C; tumble drying on low heat for extra softness; no ironing required; no bleaching; no dry cleaning.

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