Blueberry Melange, Rustic, Heavyweight Linen Duvet/ Quilt Cover


The beauty and charm of this natural, heavyweight, dark violet linen fabric inspired us to create contemporary, rustic bedding which adds a unique touch to any home; be it cottage core, provincial or timeless, classic interiors. Vintage-inspired, handmade linen bedding is for those who know differences between linen. 

Our Dark Violet Blueberry Melange fabric is woven using 2 different coloured black and violet flax yarns creating a mélange effect, which is distinguished by its unique appearance in texture. The blend of these shades, creates richness and depth within texture. Blueberry Melange (Charcoal), heavy weight linen is extra wide which allows for minimalistic design letting the fabric speak for itself. It features a closure at the bottom edge (at the end of the duvet) with wooden buttons.

Heavyweight, Rustic linen bedding is handmade in Melbourne, Australia, and is pre-laundered and softened to perfection. We use only the best, pure flax fabrics woven in Lithuania, hence the quality and longevity of our Rustic linen bedding is outstanding. In addition, all of our linens are Oeko-Tex and Masters of Linen certified, guaranteeing textile ecology and recognising its exclusive European linen origins.

While any conventional linen bedding weights 150-180 gsm, our Blueberry Melange linen fabric is 280gsm making the weight of the duvet cover in Blueberry Melange linen around 4 kg/8.8 lbs. Its weight will serve as a weighted blanket substitute, therefore, inducing deeper relaxation and improving your sleep.

Blueberry Melange, heavyweight linen bedding is handmade to order, therefore, we need some time to make each and every piece. We highly appreciate your patience and understanding when it comes to the turnaround. Purchase our matching Blueberry Melange pillowcases here!

Care instructions: machine wash warm (not hot) temperatures; occasional tumble drying on low heat to give softly creased look, otherwise line drying in the shade; no ironing required; no dry cleaning and no bleaching; avoid using harsh washing detergents as it may affect linen longevity. 


Customer feedback on Rustic heavyweight linen bedding:

"WOW It just does not get any better than this. I am so in love. Your sewing skills are unmatched. The linen is the best I have ever had so luxurious. The color is exactly what I was hoping for and the set fits my bed and insert perfectly. I would change absolutely nothing and I am the most meticulous person I know but you have me beat. Not even one loose thread. You are simply top notch and I will definitely be back for more. Thank you for taking such good care of me. It is not often my expectations are exceeded. I cannot wait to go to bed tonight." (Cherie, USA).


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