People behind the scenes of House of Baltic Linen

Our House of Baltic Linen family owned company was born in Australia, on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

It is really hard to say who inspired the birth of our linen business or how the idea became a reality, but one thing was certain; being far away from our home country, feeling extremely homesick was a a huge motivator to bring back something authentic, valuable and truly Lithuanian, natural linen.

Dreams were dreams, but the reality turned out to be much more difficult. To be honest we didn’t even have a proper plan as to what we were going to make back then then, we were so keen to start! We still remember the joy of our first batch of linens, the colours, textures, even incredible aroma of linen filled the room. We had to learn learn how to sew, stonewash and even dye our linen; endlessly researching, testing, and reusing piles of ruined fabric; trembling with enormous joy and satisfaction when something beautiful was finally “born” from distress. It was an incredibly long journey consisting of hard work, trials, experiments, discoveries, mistakes, failures, arguments eventually reaching incredible self satisfactory pride making House of Baltic Linen the brand that is is today.

Inspirations for our designs usually come from little things such as colours, textures, aromas, and even our own customers coming up with fabulous ideas. We keep all of our hand-drawn designs, and from time to time love to look back over them. This way we can see our progress and the journey. With so many new ideas, that are waiting their turn to become reality, it is heartbreaking how short of time we really are each day.

Yes, this means we are growing quite quickly, selling all over the world to beautiful customers from countries like Australia, US, Canada, UK, Singapore, Switzerland, and New Zealand.

We don’t “do” quantities- quality is the most important for us! Sometimes we can be frustratingly slow as time is our biggest enemy. When considering that our fabrics come from the other side of the world, we are sadly unable to speed things up. Therefore, we have to wish an enormous “Thank you!” to our customers for their patience and understanding.

With Love,

Doville & Erik